Here at Full Throttle Raceway, we offer a go karting membership. Here are 5 reasons why it’s a good idea to sign up!

1. Lower session prices

With a go karting membership from as little as £25, we offer great savings on individual sessions. Come and brush before visiting with friends or make it regular activity at the weekend. The track suits adults and kids. We have an additional mini raceway for children under 9 as well.

2. Move from beginner to experienced

For some people go karting is a rare treat, something to do for birthdays, stag or hen parties, but not us! We’ve racked up hours on the track and you can too. Go karting is a great hobby that can turn into a competitive outlet. We hold open endurance challenges that really let you test your driving skills. So don’t miss our go karting membership opportunities as our prices are unbeatable!

3. F1 champions had karting memberships

You may have read our recent blog post quoting Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton said after his win in Bahrain in April that he hadn’t had such an exciting race since his karting days. It seems that Hamilton was born racing cars. Aged 6 he raced remote controlled cars, entering national championships and winning. His father saw Lewis’ potential and bought him a go kart and so his career behind the wheel began.

Hamilton raced at Rye House Kart Circuit, honing his skills on the track. It clearly paid off! Other big names in Formula 1 also started out in karting such as Michael Schumacher and Nico Rossberg.

4. Karting is good family fun

Lots of families struggle to find something to do together that everyone will enjoy. Karting might seem like quite a male sport but in fact girls will love it too. Healthy competition between siblings and parents usually has everybody laughing all the way through. With a go karting membership, you’ll be able to make it a regular outing that makes for quality family time.

5. It’s an all-weather sport

Our track is indoor so no matter what the weather is like, your race session will still go ahead. So many fast paced activities offered in Britain are held outdoors, meaning participants often get wet or the event is cancelled. That never happens at Full Throttle Raceway so with a go karting membership, you’ll be able to come whenever you like, come rain or shine.

Please contact us if you’re interested in a go karting membership or would like to find out more. As Full Throttle Raceway is the home of Stourbridge go karting and the West Midlands.