1. The guest list

The guest list for a kids go karting party may not seem like a big deal but we urge to take a little time on it. How big is the party going to be? Will you be inviting just school friends or other kids that your family knows? If you are inviting school friends is this limited to your son or daughter’s closest friends or do you plan to invite the whole class? We recommend one or other and not somewhere in between. Inviting half the class runs the risk of the other children feeling very left out.

We even recommend inviting the school bully as parties can be a good way to bond and work out problems from the playground.

2. The group activity

A kids go karting party needs a little structure to make sure the day stays organised. We recommend booking an activity that keeps all the kids occupied doing one thing for a set period of time. Go karting is great fun for boys and girls, especially for kids who don’t like to get dirty.

We’ve got a separate race track for children under 9 years old making go karting ideal for kids of any age. You never know you may awaken the next Jenson Button in your son or daughter.

3. Food for fussy eaters

Get a group of kids together and you’re bound to have a few fussy eaters on your hands. Ask all the parents to let you know in advance if there are any dietary requirements and if their child is particular with their food generally. It always surprises the little quirks that some kids have e.g. only liking red cheese.

The best foods for a kids go karting party is finger foods such as mini pizzas (these can be healthy if homemade), vegetable sticks, cherry tomatoes and dips, sausages and easy to hold sandwiches or wraps. Remember to put the healthy food out first to make sure the kid fill up on that and then later put sweets or cakes out.

4. The entertainment

Two forms of entertainment really? You might be aghast that we’re suggesting an activity and then more entertainment but really it makes sense. The activity, such as go karting, is a great outlet for kids’ energy but putting entertainment on later helps to keep the group organised.

Leave time in between karting and the entertainment for eating and free play time and then at a set time round them all up again to sit down and watch a magician or comedian.

5. Games

Make sure you have a few ideas for games. There may not be time to play them all but thinking of a few in advance ensures all the kids will be occupied. Pass the parcel, musical chairs and pin the tail on the donkey are all classics that still prove to be fun with young children. Painting or decorating cupcakes are good ideas for a kids go karting party as long as you have some adult assistant to supervise the messy work.

6. Give party bags

Giving party bags at the end of the kids go karting party will make sure all the kids go home happy. It also shows generosity which fellow parents will appreciate. These don’t have to be filled with sweets, these can cause more arguments than it’s worth. Get a set of books from a low cost seller, bottles of bubbles, pencils or other stationary and a few sweets or birthday cake. Pencil case ornaments are perfect for kids of school going age too.

At Full Throttle Raceway, we want to ensure that your child has the best kids go karting party ever! So if this interests you then call us on 01384 377707 or you can email us at [email protected] and one of our well-trained, helpful team members will be more than happy to assist you with your needs or requirements. Needless to say, that Full Throttle Raceway are one of the best suppliers of go karting in Stourbridge and the West Midlands.

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