Tweak and tune your kart all you like, if you really want to speed up on the circuit and become a faster driver you’ll have to learn a few go karting tips of the trade. Having the fastest kart is one thing, using your driving skills correctly is a totally different area. We’re often asked for racing go karting tips at Full Throttle Raceway and without giving all of our top secrets away, here are a few go karting tips and tricks you can achieve hot laps out on the track.

1. Keep relaxed – If you tense up in the kart you’ll be jittery with the steering, less fluid with the throttle control and too aggressive with the brake. Try to relax a little. Ease into the kart and let it become a natural extension of your body, the more relaxed you are the smoother your driving will be.

2. Get the balance right – Karts are designed to have good balance, the chassis is set up for optimum performance but you have to sit correctly in the kart to get the stability right. Ease right back in the seat, don’t be tempted to lean forwards, this can upset the handling and you’ll have a ‘twitchy’ kart.

3. Consider corner speeds – Carry too much speed into a corner and you’ll lose time coming out onto the straight. Obviously don’t crawl into a corner, but don’t ‘overcook’ it either, gauge the speed in and your exit will be faster and smoother.

4. Adopt a smooth driver style – Jerk the steering wheel, jab the throttle and slam hard on the brakes and all you’ll see are others drivers whizzing by. Avoid locking up brakes, sawing at the steering and spinning the wheels if you really want to get the best from the kart.

These are just a handful of racing go karting tips, put them to the test at Full Throttle Raceway, the more you practice the faster you’ll become! Put your driving skills to the test and book now! Needless to say, that Full Throttle Raceway have one of the best driving circuits for go karting in Stourbridge and the West Midlands.