Perfect for youth and care organisations. Prices from just £20 for 6 months. 20% discount on 25 lap sessions + 50% discount for accompanying carers (one carer per member)

Save up to 50% on party extras

Save up to 50% on extras if added to your party before the day. To add additional extras to your party please call us on 01384 377707.


6 month membership £20. This entitles the member to a 20% discount on our individual Open Drive Time Sessions or 1 FREE drive on our Cadet Raceway.

60 lap driving experience – Gift Voucher (Age 10+)

£40 60 Lap driving experience for ages 10+, including: all equipment and training, balaclava & glove set, 60 laps on track, computerised printout of race data. To purchase please call us on 01384 377707 60 Lap go-kart driving experience in Stourbridge for ages 10+ – gift voucher

Five senses to harness on a go kart track

Your mind will be a blur of activity when you take to a go kart track for the first time. There are so many thoughts running through the brain as you line up on the grid to take the first good look at your fellow drivers. Senses play their part…

What to look for when you go karting indoors!

We really hope you like the sound of Full Throttle Raceway and look forward to welcoming you to our go karting indoors circuit really soon. If, for whatever reason, you decide to visit another go karting indoors venue please check the facilities out first to make sure they’re up to…

How to pick a karting helmet

Out of all the safety wear you use for go karting, the helmet is the most important item. Sure, your race suits, gloves and boots provide plenty of protection but the go karting helmet takes care of your bonce. Hit a tyre wall at full tilt and you’ll want to…

How to pick a pair of karting gloves

There are a number of essentials you’ll want to wear when you go karting and a sturdy pair of go karting gloves should help to improve your on-track performance. There are good reasons to wear go karting gloves when you are racing so take care when choosing a pair. Here’s…