One of our popular features at Full Throttle Raceway is the open event which starts with 20 minutes of qualifying then moves onto a 2 hour non-stop race. As you can imagine, racing a kart for 2 hours takes a toll on your body for karting, it’s mentally and physically challenging, but there are certain exercises you can do to get ready for race day. We suggest the following if you want to work out and tune your body for karting.


It can get hot wearing a helmet, overalls and gloves for over 2 hours, your body for karting will heat up from the all the physical exertion. So try to improve your stamina levels if you want to go karting regular, there are various exercises that can help in this area. Cycling, swimming, jogging or rowing are all good methods to improve your stamina, use training methods that are good for endurance, a cross trainer or treadmill could be a good investment.

Core strength

Improve the core strength of your body and you improve stability, have better balance, strengthen the muscles in your back, pelvis, hip and abdominal areas. This can enhance your performance in a kart, tone the core area and it improves posture in the kart. Sit-ups, crunches, yoga or pilates are good for core strengthening.

Neck strength

Your neck takes quite a hammering in karting, all those g-forces going into bends and tight hairpins start to have an effect after a while. Strengthen your neck muscles by weight training, a few neck curls should do the trick on a regular basis.

Biceps and triceps

Karting is tiring on the arms, especially during an endurance race. Tone the muscles in this area and increase strength at the same time, use weights to gain a killer set of ‘guns’ and work on forearm strengthening exercises at the same time.

Get your body for karting ripped and you’ll leave other drivers standing! To book a spot at the Full Throttle Raceway, then please call us today on 01384 377707 or you can email us at [email protected] and we will respond to you as soon as we can. Full Throttle Raceway – home of go karting in Stourbridge and the West Midlands.