We had a moan about the lack of engine noise for F1 in one of our earlier blogs but that doesn’t put us off what should be a thrilling race calendar this year. Muted engines aside, there’s so much to look forward to and we’ve highlighted a few of the reasons F1 for 2014 is going to be one of the best seasons we’ve had in ages.

Red Bull are on the back foot – For the first time in seasons it’s nice to see Red Bull ‘squirm’ a little. Don’t get us wrong, we admire the achievements of this team, they’ve been at the forefront of F1 for many years and Sebastian Vettel is one heck of a driver, that’s never been on doubt. Still. Isn’t it nice to see Mercedes leading the way for a change and it’s also good to see Vettel down in 6th place at the time of writing, immediately after the Bahrain GP. It might not last but let’s enjoy it while we can, this season the pack is unpredictable and that adds to the excitement of F1 this year.

In-season testing is back – For the first time since 2008 (yes it really has been that long!) in-season testing is back for the 2014 F1 calendar. Teams are allowed to take part in four two-day test dates after select GPs this year. The first of the 2014 season was held straight after the Bahrain Grand Prix on the Tuesday and the Wednesday with other in-season testing due later on in the year. If it helps the teams and makes the sport more competitive we’re all for it at Full Throttle Raceway.

Reliability could be an issue – With all the changes to the technology and the engines for 2014 there are bound to be a few reliability issues along the way. It’s an unknown quantity at the moment, teams can’t really say how their cars are going to react on a race-by-race basis. Lewis Hamilton had to retire from the first race of the season even though the Mercedes driver was sitting in pole. This makes the season more interesting, hopefully it’ll be less predictable this year.

When we’re not karting we’re keeping a close eye on F1 at Full Throttle Raceway, keep checking our blog for updates in the future.