Manchester City fans know all about Mario Balotelli, in fact, fans of football in general still smirk when they hear his name. The former city striker, now plying his trade for AC Milan, was a colourful character to say the least when he played in the Premiership.

He was well-known for weird exploits, bust-ups with fellow players and his former manager Roberto Mancini, but one thing was certain, the tabloids loved him then and they still love him now.

What has this got to do with karting you might ask?

Well here’s a nugget of information you might not now. When Balotelli was based in England, apart from setting off fireworks INSIDE his Cheshire mansion and throwing £10 notes around the streets of Manchester (you couldn’t make it up!) Mr Balotelli also had a karting circuit built in the grounds of his luxury home. He’s kart crazy but he’s banned from circuits in Italy because AC Milan’s hierarchy are worried about him injuring himself.

We think that’s madness at Full Throttle Raceway but even crazier is the fact that Balotelli decided to rock up at the Pala K indoor karting complex on the outskirts of Milan in 2013 armed with a white 458 Ferrari and a group of giggling pals.

He wasn’t there as a bystander either, he wanted to drive the circuit, not in a kart though, inside the Ferrari! Amazingly this wasn’t a problem because Mario OWNS the circuit and he spent an hour putting the Ferrari through its paces.

We’re not sure how we’d react if a Premiership footballer turned up at our karting venue driving a Ferrari, Lamborghini or a Porsche.

We have our hands full making sure our customers have a brilliant time out on the track in a safe but thrilling karting venue, it’s the one thing that makes us smile!

Balotelli’s exploits made us chuckle though. God bless him…