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How to pick a karting helmet

Out of all the safety wear you use for go karting, the helmet is the most important item. Sure, your race suits, gloves and boots provide plenty of protection but the go karting helmet takes care of your bonce. Hit a tyre wall at full tilt and you’ll want to... Read more

How to pick a pair of karting gloves

There are a number of essentials you’ll want to wear when you go karting and a sturdy pair of go karting gloves should help to improve your on-track performance. There are good reasons to wear go karting gloves when you are racing so take care when choosing a pair. Here’s... Read more

Why a karting party is such a fabulous idea

If you’re stuck for party ideas this year why not treat your little ones to a first-driving experience on the mini circuit at Full Throttle Raceway? We can arrange a kids go karting party for up to 12 guests and give your gang exclusive use of our mini raceway for... Read more

How to pick a pair of karting boots

If you are serious about go karting you’ll want to wear the right race attire and a pair of go karting boots that will improve your performance. Get a ‘buzz’ for go karting and you might want to take it up as a hobby, spend time at the Full Throttle... Read more

Go Karting Tips to Improve Driving Skills

Tweak and tune your kart all you like, if you really want to speed up on the circuit and become a faster driver you’ll have to learn a few go karting tips of the trade. Having the fastest kart is one thing, using your driving skills correctly is a totally... Read more

Where’s the sound gone from F1?

We’re pretty passionate about any form of motorsport at Full Throttle Raceway, it’s no wonder when you consider the line of business we are in. So you can imagine how disappointed we were at the sound of Australian Grand Prix last week, the scream of the F1 engines from 2013... Read more

5 reasons to take up karting

We see drivers from all backgrounds at Full Throttle Raceway, some are young, some are old, some have very little experience to take up go karting and others would give Lewis Hamilton a run for his money on a good day. Take up go karting today! It is one of... Read more

Mario Balotelli takes his Ferrari around the karting track!!

Manchester City fans know all about Mario Balotelli, in fact, fans of football in general still smirk when they hear his name. The former city striker, now plying his trade for AC Milan, was a colourful character to say the least when he played in the Premiership. He was well-known... Read more

Why we should look forward to F1 in 2014

We had a moan about the lack of engine noise for F1 in one of our earlier blogs but that doesn’t put us off what should be a thrilling race calendar this year. Muted engines aside, there’s so much to look forward to and we’ve highlighted a few of the... Read more