Your mind will be a blur of activity when you take to a go kart track for the first time. There are so many thoughts running through the brain as you line up on the grid to take the first good look at your fellow drivers.

Senses play their part at the beginning of a race, once you’re suited up and the helmet is on, bet you feel some or all of these feelings before you floor the throttle.

    1. Excitement
      This is the best feeling to have at the start of a race. Sat there with the engine humming and your right foot twitching, you’ll be giddy with excitement waiting for the race to begin.
    2. Nerves
      A few nerves are good. Don’t get us wrong, you don’t want to sit there with tears streaming down your face feeling like you are about to say goodbye to your breakfast but a little bit of uneasiness will give you the competitive edge when you’re on the go kart track.
    3. A sense of fear
      This might be a fear of failure or a fear of not knowing what lies ahead. Try not to be fearful though, if you lose a race you’ll be disappointed but it’s not the end of the world. Look ahead with hope instead of fear, you’re just as good as the next driver and once you get a few laps under your belt you’ll be tearing around the go kart track like a pro!
    4. Adrenalin
      Harness the adrenalin you feel at the start of the race, it’ll give you extra energy and create the buzz you need to drive faster on the go kart track.
    5. Tension
      This is good too, but it won’t last for long. Normally the tension only lasts until the lights go out and you are clearly ready to race, once this happens your mind automatically ‘snaps’ into race mode and the only thing you’ll be tense about is making it to the first bend in pole position.

Here at Full Throttle Raceway, our go kart track is exhilarating and action packed with fun. Remember these five senses and you’ll be ready to race our track. To book a place at Full Throttle Raceway, call the number at the top of the page or you can email us at [email protected] and we will respond to you as soon as possible. As Full Throttle Raceway is the home of go karting in Stourbridge and the West Midlands.