We really hope you like the sound of Full Throttle Raceway and look forward to welcoming you to our go karting indoors circuit really soon. If, for whatever reason, you decide to visit another go karting indoors venue please check the facilities out first to make sure they’re up to scratch. Here’s what to look for:

Friendly, helpful staff

Rock up at a go karting indoors venue for the first time and it can be quite intimidating so it helps if you are greeted by staff that are friendly, put you at ease, are glad to give you any assistance you require and make you feel right at home in the kart. Our team goes out of their way at Full Throttle to make your go karting experience memorable.

Great track layout

Think a few spare tyres and a handful of traffic cones makes a good go karting indoors circuit? It doesn’t believe us, time and effort should be spent on the design on the circuit so it’s fun to race but safe to use. Our 300 metre track at Full Throttle is packed with features to really push your driving skills to the limit. There’s a high level flyover, an underpass, a blistering straight and various hairpins and chicanes to navigate your way around.

‘Proper’ karts

Head to a go karting venue and you don’t want to sit in a spluttering kart that feels like it’s about pack in before you even leave the start line. You want to be seated in late-model performance machinery and have confidence in the kart that’s beneath you. We use 200cc British built Senior Biz Karts, they’re proper karts for proper drivers.

Efficient timing systems

How hot was your last lap? That’s what you’ll be wondering when you scream over the line in first place. You’ll feel let down if you go to a go karting venue and their timing system consists of a bloke with a stopwatch. We have the very latest ‘super sport’ computerised timing system at Full Throttle Raceway, we’ll monitor your lap times and let you know if you break the course record on the day!

Here at Full Throttle Raceway, we want to you have the best go karting indoors experience, so if you like what you see, then call us on 01384 377707 and one of our friendly supervisors will be more than happy to talk with you. Full Throttle Raceway – home of Stourbridge go karting and in the West Midlands.