If you are serious about go karting you’ll want to wear the right race attire and a pair of go karting boots that will improve your performance. Get a ‘buzz’ for go karting and you might want to take it up as a hobby, spend time at the Full Throttle Raceway and you never know where this might lead. Buying a pair of karting boots off the rack is a little daunting so we’ve drawn up a list of what to look for when you start out as a new racer.

  • Comfort – Karting boots have to be comfy. On longer ‘endurance’ races, you’ll be working your feet on the throttle and brake countless times so the karting boots have to move and work in harmony with your feet. They shouldn’t pinch, just support your feet in all the right places and feel like a comfy pair of slippers when they’re on.
  • Flexibility – Racing boots need to be flexible. You’ll be constantly flexing your feet forwards and backwards during events so the boots need plenty of give. Look for branded go karting boots made from quality materials designed to flex and contract with ease.
  • Breathability – Your feet are going to get hot when you are on the limit, all that action takes its toll on your feet after a while. Buy karting boots that are renowned for their breathability, keep your feet cool as you tackle hairpins and go flat out down the straights.
  • Ease of fit – Karting boots should be easy to slip into, easy to fasten and just as easy to take off again. Avoid over-complicated fastening systems. Simple Velcro fasteners are the best, they’re fast to fasten so you can be sat behind the wheel quicker and raring to go.
  • Grip – The last thing you want is your foot to slip off the throttle or the brake when you are nose to tail with the fastest drivers out on the circuit. So the amount of grip your boots provide is a pretty important feature to consider. F1 type soles are the best, they’re thin but give you great control.

Here at Full Throttle Raceway, we will provide you with the right go karting boots if needed. For any more additional requirements, feel free to contact us via telephone on 01384 377707 or you can email us at [email protected] and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help you. Full Throttle Raceway – home of go karting in Stourbridge and the West Midlands.