If you’re stuck for party ideas this year why not treat your little ones to a first-driving experience on the mini circuit at Full Throttle Raceway? We can arrange a kids go karting party for up to 12 guests and give your gang exclusive use of our mini raceway for an hour of non-stop action. We think your brood will love their time on the track, a go karting party would be perfect because of these reasons:

Karting is safe – Safety is our main priority at Full Throttle Raceway and our mini karting party circuit has been specially designed with the needs of junior in mind. The race track gives children a real driving experience, but they are always being monitored in a safe, controlled racing environment.

It’s well-staffed – There are plenty of team members keeping an eye on events at the Full Throttle Raceway. Every karting party is heavily monitored for safety purposes, your children can test their driver skills and you’ll have confidence knowing they are being looked after at all times.

Karts are easy to drive – The karts we use for under 9’s are electric kub karts, they’ve been specially selected for first-time drivers. Controls are easy to understand and it doesn’t take long for children to understand the basics of karting from the off.

They handle well – Kub karts might be designed for junior drivers, but they still handle like the real thing out on the track. Your kids are sat inches off the ground, they learn how to steer, accelerate and brake at the right time, how to choose good racing lines and it’s a brilliant insight into the sport of karting.

Kids have stacks of fun! Know the best thing about a karting party? It’s so much fun. We see happy smiling faces every time we host a karting party at Full Throttle Raceway and that makes us feel all warm and cheery inside!

Here at Full Throttle Raceway, we want to ensure you that your children will have the best time at our go karting party event. To book your spot at our mini raceway then call 01384 377707 and one of our friendly staff members will be delighted to help you with your requirements. Needless to say, that Full Throttle Raceway are one of the best suppliers for West Midlands and Stourbridge go karting.