There are a number of essentials you’ll want to wear when you go karting and a sturdy pair of go karting gloves should help to improve your on-track performance. There are good reasons to wear go karting gloves when you are racing so take care when choosing a pair. Here’s what to look for:

  • Size – Does one size fit all when it comes to karting gloves? Absolutely not! Go karting gloves vary in size from XXS to XL to cater for a diverse range of drivers. It’s important to get the right size for your hands to prevent the gloves slipping or feeling too tight. If you’re not sure, try on different sizes the next time you visit Full Throttle Raceway, find the perfect fit for your hands.
  • Weight – How heavy do the gloves feels when they are on? This might sound petty but it can make the world of difference if you are in the middle of an endurance race, you’ll be gripping the wheel and heavy gloves could cause hand fatigue. Lightweight, breathable go karting gloves are best, look for durable poly-cotton gloves, fitted with a leather protection that feel comfortable when they are worn.
  • Grip – How much grip do the karting gloves provide you with when you are sat behind the wheel? Look for go karting gloves that provide extra grip in the palm and finger areas, steering should be straightforward then.
  • Fastening – You don’t want to be worried about your go karting gloves coming loose during a competition so check to see how secure they are when they are fastened. Good quality Velcro fastenings should keep everything snug and secure.
  • Protection – How much protection do the gloves provide your hands with? Ideally the go karting gloves should feel natural next to your skin and prevent blisters, calluses and other hand-related sores caused by prolongs periods behind the wheel.

Visit the Full Throttle Raceway and you won’t have any worries, we only use top spec go karting gloves! To book you place at Full Throttle Raceway, call us today or you can email us and we will give back to you as soon as possible. Needless to say, that Full Throttle Raceway is home to the best Stourbridge go karting and the West Midlands.